Guinevere's Gamble (The Chrysalis Queen Quartet) - Nancy McKenzie epub, fb2, djvu download free
Guinevere's Gamble (The Chrysalis Queen Quartet)
Author: Nancy McKenzie
ISBN13: 978-0440240211
Book Title: Guinevere's Gamble (The Chrysalis Queen Quartet)
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Language: English
Category: Teen & Young Adult
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Guinevere's Gamble (The Chrysalis Queen Quartet) by Nancy McKenzie

The second book in the Chrysalis Queen Quartet, starring the young Guinevere.

Much has changed over the last few months in Gwynedd, but Guinevere is still uncertain where her future lies. She recently made the unsettling discovery that she has been guarded all her life by a pagan tribe who believes she is destined to save them—they believe she and the great king will one day wed. But this prophecy is so at odds with her inferior position in the castle as Queen Alyse and King Pellinore’s lowly ward, she can’t believe it’s true. Now more complications arise as Guinevere and her cousin accompany Alyse and Pellinore to a meeting between Welsh kings, presided over by one of the High King Arthur’s knights. While there, Guinevere discovers she has a powerful enemy: King Arthur’s sister, Princess Morgaine. But why would Morgaine hate her?

Guinevere is tumbling into her destiny in ways she never imagined, and she may soon have to face the prophecy with new eyes. . . .

From the Hardcover edition.