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The Summer Atlas of North American Birds
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Book Title: The Summer Atlas of North American Birds
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The Summer Atlas of North American Birds

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The Summer Atlas of North American Birds
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The Summer Atlas of North American Birds
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The North American Breeding Survey comprises a network of regularly censussed, road-based survey routes and constitutes the most comprehensive set of data on the relative abundance and population trends of these birds during the summer months. Its value was highlighted in 1989, when the data were used to confirm suspected population declines in a number of species of neotropical migrants breeding in the northeastern United States and Canada.
In this book Jeff and Amy Price and Sam Droege have used these data to create detailed, computer-generated maps showing the relative abundance of 450 species that summer in the contiguous United States and southern Canada. Tabular information on distribution hotspots for these, and a further 50 or so species too local in occurrence to map effectively, are also presented. As a databased survey, the focus on the maps is on places where occurrence has been systematically confirmed over a number of years. As such, the maps provide a baseline for future and more regionally based studies. Supporting chapters provide details on the survey methodology, the mapping procedures used, and some current concerns in North American bird conservation.
The maps provide an unprecedented level of information, and far surpass the general picture given by distribution maps in field guides. Detailed occurrence and relative abundance of each species is given for the first time. This information is not only of use to birders seeking to locate species of bird new to them, but also to everyone with an interest in and concern for, the health of North American bird populations. Ecologists, land managers, conservation agencies, environmental consultants, and land use planners will all benefit from this book the maps in this book. Experience both in North America and elsewhere is showing that even the most common bird species are vulnerable to human impacts. This book provides important information not only on where species are located but also on their population trends and on some of the issues underlying the conservation of these species.

* Introduction to the Breeding Bird Survey.
* Foreword by Ken Kaufman, author of Advanced Birding.
* Description of the data analysis methods and map preparation techniques.
* More than 450 species maps, in two colours, showing where the birds are found in early summer, with four levels of relative abundance.
* A relative abundance map pinpointing the areas of highest species richness.
* Tabular information for all 530 species, listing locations of routes with the highest abundance for each species. This table includes data for Northern Canada and Alaska, and area excluded from the maps.
* Text focusing on species of conservation concern and their changing populations in recent years.
* Full indices and lists of scientific and common names.