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Reptiles of North Carolina
Author: William M. Palmer
ISBN13: 978-0807821589
Book Title: Reptiles of North Carolina
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Language: English
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Reptiles of North Carolina by William M. Palmer

Based on more than twenty years of research in the field and in museum collections, Reptiles of North Carolina is the definitive work on the 71 reptile species found in the state. It is an indispensable resource for herpetologists, zoologists, ecologists, and wildlife managers, and it will be enjoyed by amateur naturalists as well. For each species the authors offer a description that includes characteristics useful in distinguishing the species from similar ones and information on the variation, distribution, and natural history of the species in the state. Each account is accompanied by a range map and at least one detailed drawing that shows characteristics important for identification. A section of color photographs aids in identification of reptiles.