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Eric Gill: A Bibliography
Author: Eric Gill, D. Steven Corey, Julia Mackenzie, Evan Gill
ISBN13: 978-0906795538
Book Title: Eric Gill: A Bibliography
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Eric Gill: A Bibliography by Eric Gill, D. Steven Corey, Julia Mackenzie, Evan Gill

Decades have passed since the death of Eric Gill 1882-1940 and yet the reputation of this remarkable artist and thinker continues to grow. Famous for his stone carving, wood engraving, type designs and writing, he has also found a wide appeal amongst a younger generation who are sympathetic to his outlook on life - to "make a cell of good living in the chaos of our world." Since the original bibliography by Gill's brother, Evan, was published in 1953, a great deal of new material has come to light in the fine collections built up in the USA and elsewhere in recent years, and this new edition is a complete revision of the original bibliography. It includes not only all the new discoveries but also the material published on Gill in the last thirty-eight years. The number of bibliographical entries has increased by over one third in this greatly expanded work. The book has been redesigned with advice from Gill's nephew, Christopher Skelton, placing greater emphasis on the illustrations, which have been either retaken from the original editions or introduced as completely new ones of bibliographical interest. xv, 368 pages. cloth, dust jacket.. 8vo..