Spiritual Awakening to a New World - Raymond Moyer epub, fb2, djvu download free
Spiritual Awakening to a New World
Author: Raymond Moyer
ISBN13: 978-0595170005
Book Title: Spiritual Awakening to a New World
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Language: English
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Spiritual Awakening to a New World by Raymond Moyer

It has been a long and lonely road down through the eons of time for the Creative Life-Force to search through form after form for the True manifestation of the image of God. Through the myths and legends of ages past, and through the religious beliefs that has spread throughout the world, this highest of the forms, namely mankind, has tried to solve the mystery of creation and the ultimate “end of the world.”

It has taken until this era of time for mankind to open the window of the universe so that we could begin to understand the beginning. Without it, there was really no reasoning in the Creationist’s story, for all was thrown away over the bite of an apple. But now we know in a sense the real beginning of time and motion, and how, through cause and effect that Consciousness has been slowly but surely building the vessels for the manifestation of this true image of God which is the Body for the Christ Spirit.

Mysteries still persist; why are we here? Why are we born so unequally? The answers are now coming forth- to those who seek. Spiritual awakening is coming.