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Great Philanthropic Mistakes
Author: Martin Morse Wooster
ISBN13: 978-1558131477
Book Title: Great Philanthropic Mistakes
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Great Philanthropic Mistakes by Martin Morse Wooster

Great Philanthropic Mistakes is the first book to explore why foundations fail. In eight case studies, Martin Morse Wooster looks at major programs that ended disastrously. In each case, arrogant foundations thought that, given enough resources and time, they could prevent overpopulation, cure cancer, and "find Michelangelo." These failures should provide warnings for future philanthropists who think their billions can change the world. Topics include:

• Abraham Flexner and the Rockefeller Foundation's funding of medical education (1913-1928)
• The Lasker Foundation and the "War on Cancer"; (1944-1976)
• The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and Population Control (1952-1981)
• The Ford Foundation's "Gray Areas" Program (1959-1965)
• The Carnegie Corporation of New York and Public Television (1965-1967; 1977-1979)
• The Ford Foundation and New York City school decentralization (1967-1968)
• The MacArthur Foundation's Fellows Program (1981-present)
• The Annenberg Foundation and school reform (1993-2001)