The Ying on Triad (Avalon Mystery) - Kent Conwell epub, fb2, djvu download free
The Ying on Triad (Avalon Mystery)
Author: Kent Conwell
ISBN13: 978-0803497580
Book Title: The Ying on Triad (Avalon Mystery)
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Language: English
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
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The Ying on Triad (Avalon Mystery) by Kent Conwell

Tony Boudreaux has only seven days to solve a ten-year-old murder and keep Bobby Packard from the needle. What he quickly discovers is that ominous forces exist that don't want Packard saved--forces that will go to any lengths to make sure Tony fails.

Those seven days are the longest of Tony's life---an interminable potpourri filled with a Significant Other who wants to play detective, an ex-wife who shows up in town, a millionaire friend soliciting his help to run for City Hall, the appearance of his old man who had stolen his laptop at their family reunion, a testy mob underboss, secretive Chinese Tongs and Triads, grave robbing, and a corpse that vanishes.