How I Killed Margaret Thatcher - Anthony Cartwright epub, fb2, djvu download free
How I Killed Margaret Thatcher
Author: Anthony Cartwright
ISBN13: 978-1906994358
Book Title: How I Killed Margaret Thatcher
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Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
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How I Killed Margaret Thatcher by Anthony Cartwright

A novel that captures the intensity of early 1980s politics and family life through the eyes of an unusual boy It is 1979 and Sean Bull is nine years old. He lives in Dudley, on the shores of a metal sea, where his dad and grandad come home each night from the steel factories. In an idyllic childhood Sean runs around with his friends, dreams of playing football and cricket for England, and enjoys his holidays at the caravan in Wales. When Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister, she slowly begins to take away everything he loves—somebody has to stop her. His Uncle Billy wants there to be a revolution, but that isn't going to start on its own, not with the Prime Minister fighting wars in South America and being voted for in bigger and bigger numbers, and not while she's guarded by her own secret army, the SAS. Sean comes to realize there is only one option open to him—he must kill Margaret Thatcher. This novel offers English twist on that most Latin American of genres, the dictator novel.