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Escape from Critical Confusion
Author: Joseph B. Harris
ISBN13: 978-0805964363
Book Title: Escape from Critical Confusion
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Language: English
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Escape from Critical Confusion by Joseph B. Harris

Drug addiction is an insidious disease which causes a host of other problems, including physical and mental deterioration, loss of family and employment, and an overwhelming potential to turn to a life of crime to support the habit of abuse.

Meet Joseph B. Harris, one man who has lived this nightmare as he repeatedly struggled to Escape from Critical Confusion. Embarking on a life of crime at just six years old, he later developed an addiction to heroin which trapped him in a vicious circle of drug abuse, crime, and incarceration. He offers no excuses for his behavior as he explains his thoughts during his years of drugging, drinking, and criminal act after criminal act, but does offer psychological insight into the mind of drug addicts and criminally minded juvenile delinquents in particular. He does not judge, but offers the knowledge, support, and advice of one who has experienced these things firsthand and may just hold the solution to the problem of stopping drug addiction before it starts or escaping if you are being held in bondage by drugs.