African Violets Back to the Basics: Your Questions Answered - Melvin Robey epub, fb2, djvu download free
African Violets Back to the Basics: Your Questions Answered
Author: Melvin Robey
ISBN13: 978-1425962012
Book Title: African Violets Back to the Basics: Your Questions Answered
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Language: English
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African Violets Back to the Basics: Your Questions Answered by Melvin Robey

Have you ever had a question on how to grow African violets but could not find the answer? Now your dilemma is solved and you will be able to quickly find the information for which you are looking. With this book in your hands you will no longer have to guess when it comes to growing beautiful African violets, crowned with dozens of gorgeous blossoms.The primary theme of Mel Robey's third book on African violets is: Getting Back to the Basics. The reader will find answers to 250 of the most common questions the author has been asked since the publication of his first book on these popular houseplants. He combines a unique knowledge of horticulture with an easy to understand writing style. 250 Questions and their answers are covered in ten chapters Chapter 1 IntroductionChapter 2 Getting To Know Your PlantsChapter 3 Plant Food Essential For Healthy PlantsChapter 4 Potting Mixtures: Key To Being SuccessfulChapter 5 Containers For Growing Beautiful African VioletsChapter 6 Proper Watering Techniques ImportantChapter 7 Those Ugly Pests: Insects, Diseases, and Other Unsightly ProblemsChapter 8 Propagation Is EasyChapter 9 The Environment Around Your PlantsChapter 10 Light: Its Role In A Plant's LifeGlossary You will find answers to questions such as: *What can be done to solve the problem after a white, salty crust has formed on the potting soil surface and rim of the pot?*Does the type of fertilizer I use have any influence on how well my African violets bloom?*Are there any simple ways to sterilize my potting mixture?*If you could pick one problem that causes African violets the most trouble, what would it be?*Why are the flower buds on my African violet dropping off before they open? This is very discouraging!