Secrets from the Garden: Life Lessons - Peggy Boyd epub, fb2, djvu download free
Secrets from the Garden: Life Lessons
Author: Peggy Boyd
ISBN13: 978-1432757939
Book Title: Secrets from the Garden: Life Lessons
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Language: English
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Secrets from the Garden: Life Lessons by Peggy Boyd

Does life really have to be so complicated? In Secrets from the Garden, Peggy Boyd takes you beyond all the insanity of this world to a place where life-altering wisdom is revealed in all its simplicity-the garden.

"For those patient enough to listen to its many secrets, the garden unlocks the mysteries of life. It is a sacred haven where the Creator meets us face to face and lovingly teaches us how to live life more abundantly-how to live life more authentically-more on purpose."

Secrets from the Garden is not really a "how-to" book; at least it is not a book about how to grow a better garden, though you will discover many gardening tips along the way. It's about how to live a better life. Sprinkled with experiences from her own gardening adventures, Boyd invites you to sit back, relax and listen to the beans, corn, and tomatoes share their wisdom-wisdom as simple as it is profound.

In her comfortable, contemplative, yet light-hearted style, Boyd shares twenty life-changing secrets such as...

Honor your unique wiring
Protect your dreams
Dance beyond the breakers
Put the past to rest
...and much more. The answers to all life's questions can be found-in the garden. This I know; you will be amazed at the wisdom that can be gained from crawling around in the dirt.