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The Last Days Identified!
Author: Don K. Preston
ISBN13: 978-0965380492
Book Title: The Last Days Identified!
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Language: English
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The Last Days Identified! by Don K. Preston

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The Last Days Identified! by Don K. Preston
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The Last Days Identified! by Don K. Preston
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Are we in the last days before the "end of time" All futurist views of eschatology say that Christ comes at the end of the current Christian age. However, the Bible is clear that the Christian age has no end! Furthermore, the Bible - in spite of the popular views of the end - identifies "the last days" not as the end of time, not as the end of the Christian age, but, as the last generation of the Old Covenant Age of Israel. That age came to its cataclysmic end in AD 70! This book has changed the lives of countless believers, dispelling the fear that the end is near. A "must read" for sure!