Life Processes and Living Things KS2 (Curriculum Bank) - Francis MacKay epub, fb2, djvu download free
Life Processes and Living Things KS2 (Curriculum Bank)
Author: Francis MacKay
ISBN13: 978-0590533706
Book Title: Life Processes and Living Things KS2 (Curriculum Bank)
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Language: English
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Life Processes and Living Things KS2 (Curriculum Bank) by Francis MacKay

"Curriculum Bank" is a practical activity-based series which can be used as a planning tool to help devise a comprehensive scheme of work, and as an accessible bank of ideas. The lesson plans target specific learning objectives and collectively provide a progressive coverage of the programmes of study. Photocopiable worksheets support many of the activities and save valuable teacher time. Guidance for differentiation and formative assessment is incorporated throughout, with specific assessment lessons for summative purposes also included. IT applications and other cross-curricular links are highlighted, as are ideas for display. This book provides activities which enable children to develop their understanding of life processes in animals and plants and the environments in which they live. The book also includes a number of open-ended investigations which give children the opportunity to practise their developing science skills and to grasp the investigative process.