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Come in from the Cold
Author: Marsha Qualey
ISBN13: 978-0547014395
Book Title: Come in from the Cold
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Language: English
Category: Children's Books
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Come in from the Cold by Marsha Qualey

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Come in from the Cold by Marsha Qualey
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Come in from the Cold by Marsha Qualey
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“I want yesterday.â? Thatâ?™s all seventeen-year-old Maud can say when she gets the news about her sister: Lucyâ?™s dead, killed in a bomb blast. Without even a body to bury, Maud is left with only questions: How? Why? Maudâ?™s search for answers leads her down the same path her sister took. But all she finds are empty words and more questions. Jeff struggles down a separate but parallel path. His brother, a Marine, has been called up to Vietnam. To the world, Jeff looks the part of a conservative preppy, but inside, he questions the war. But does questioning the war mean he doesnâ?™t support his brother?
Itâ?™s 1969, and life in America has become an angry jumble of patriotism and rebellion, cynicism and hope. Jeff and Maud are caught up in the confusion. All they want is stability. What they get is each other. Hopefully, itâ?™ll be enough.