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BRENTON THE PLAYWRIGHT (Modern theatre profiles)
Author: Richard Boon
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Book Title: BRENTON THE PLAYWRIGHT (Modern theatre profiles)
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BRENTON THE PLAYWRIGHT (Modern theatre profiles) by Richard Boon

Since 1965, Howard Brenton has produced over 50 pieces of work for stage and screen, as well as one published novel and occasional poetry. In addition to 15 full-length plays, there is a large body of shorter and occasional pieces. He has also made eight translations or adaptations. He has had produced a film and five pieces for television, and has collaborated with fellow dramatists - most notably David Hare 11 times. Three of his stage plays have been adapted for radio. Of the (so far) unperformed work, there are four film scripts and one original radio play. In this book, the author concentrates on the full-length stage plays of Brenton's single authorship. His plays range across many historical and contemporary subjects. They include "The Churchill Play", "Weapons of Happiness", "Epsom Downs", "The Romans in Britain" and "Bloody Poetry"; in collaboration with David Hare he has written "Brassneck" and the National Theatre hit, "Pravda".